Engineering 100 day countdown plan

YEAR 10 ENGINEERING- Home Learning

Lesson 1: Legislation page for coursework. R106 This page is required in your coursework and can be completed in either word, powerpoint or by hand. Please email to Mrs Wain or Mr Smith when completed.

Using the information page below and using your own words, explain the different types of legislation that impacts the manufacture of a torch. Legislation is in place to protect manufacturers and consumers.

Legislation knowledge organiser

Lesson 2: End of life analysis. R106. This page must be completed in detail and you must explain clearly what happens at each stage of a torch's life during manufacturing. Use the powerpoint to help you produce 2 slides in powerpoint or word. Choose a torch from the torch powerpoint slides and annotate 1 torch picture only. Ensure to write about the different stages of the product life cycle:

  • Material Extraction
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Useful life
  • Recycling

Use the knowledge organiser to help you complete this task.

End of life cycle- knowledge organiser

Lesson 3: Torch disassembly R106. Using the powerpoint link below explain how you disassembled the torch with Mr Gregson and explain the following in as much detail as you can:

  • How easy is it to maintain the torch?
  • Is the torch easy to recycle? Why?
  • DFMA (Design for manufacture assembly) How has the torch been manufactured so that it can be easily assembled after manufacture?
  • How has the torch been designed so that it can be used easily?
  • What tools can be used to disassemble or repair the torch if broken?
  • Safety. Are there any safety hazards with the torch.

Use the following knowledge organiser to help you answer this task.

Torch disassembly knowledge organiser

YEAR 11 Engineering- Home Learning

Lesson 1: Design specification with Final design. (R108) Ensure to complete your final design drawing with your final specification describing your final design. Use the knowledge organiser below to ensure to produce a DETAILED specification. This must be completed by the time you return to NUSA.

Design specification knowledge organiser

Specification R108- Worksheet

Lesson 2: Manufacturing plan. R108. You must have a completed manufacturing plan of how you are going to make your prototype. In this plan you must explain what tools, materials and time scales will be needed to make your prototype. Use the blank worksheet below to complete your manufacturing plan.

Remember to include comments on Health and Safety!

Manufacturing plan worksheet

Lesson 3:

A. Risk Assessment. You must ensure to have a completed risk assessment for R108. Think of all the equipment in the workshop that you will use to make your prototype. RAG rate them (Red= Dangerous, Amber= potential risk or hazard, Green= no risk) Use the following worksheet to help plan this task and record it on the table provided. Are there any control measures in place? ie is there anything in place to REDUCE RISKS? such as safety guards, emergency stops etc.

Risk Assessment table worksheet

B. Risk Assessment - workshop. Annotate the photograph of your workshop . Use the knowledge organiser to ensure to help you. Label all examples of risk management and control measures.] in the workshop.

Risk Assessment - workshop- knowledge organiser

Lesson 4:

Final design improvements (R108). Look at your final design.- how can you improve it further? Use the attached worksheet to help you plan 4 possible changes to your design. Use annotations and drawings to show how you could improve it further. Make sure your comments relate to your specification (from lesson 1 above) Make changes by possibly considering the following:

  • Aesthetics
  • Materials
  • Function- reduce the size or features
  • Environmental aspects

Use the following worksheet to help you with this exercise. This must be completed on your return to NUSA!

Final Design - Improvements


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