Curriculum Intent Statement

Curriculum statement: MFL

“A different language is a different vision on life”-Federico Fellini, Italian film director.


In a world of global communication, learning another language will give students an additional asset and open new opportunities in Education and Employment within the local, national and international communities.
As well as acquiring linguistic skills (in speaking, listening, reading and writing), learning another language will help students develop literacy skills and other personal skills (such as communicating well, thinking, problem solving and memorisation skills) which are essential wider skills.
Lastly, in addition to increasing brain capacity, students will have the opportunity to step beyond their familiar cultural boundaries, develop awareness of different ways of life around the world and celebrate diversity.

Curriculum features:

The department is led by an experienced teacher and is committed to fostering and stimulating students’ interest and enjoyment in learning through interactive and engaging lessons. Its collaboration with other schools within our Trust allows our department to regularly share good practice and be updated with innovative teaching ideas and examination requirements. Whilst delivering the curriculum, teachers endeavour to establish a learning environment in which students are encouraged to take risks, build resilience to failure and confidence to use the target language spontaneously and out of the classroom context.
In KS3, well-structured courses aim to teach students a range of vocabulary and grammatical knowledge that will allow them to acquire solid foundations for embarking on the GCSE course. In KS4, all lessons are thoughtfully designed to cover new vocabulary as well as consolidating prior learning and to practise the key skills and grammar which will enable students, from all abilities, to attain the highest possible grades.
Over the five years of their secondary education, students will cover the following five themes:
Identity and Culture
Local area, Holiday and Travel
Future aspiration, Study and Work
International and Global dimension


The main purpose of homework in MFL is to consolidate and extend students’ learning and support will be available when requested. The department endeavours to offer extra-curricular activities to enhance students’ linguistic and cultural knowledge and is looking forwards to organising educational trips abroad to make students’ learning “come alive”.

June 2022


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