Hegarty Maths

How to use Hegarty Maths

Go to Hegartymaths.com

Hegarty Maths is accessed through a website - it is not an app . It can be accessed on any computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone that has internet access.

Students need to follow the instructions to sign up to Hegarty Maths on the website or to log in if they have already signed up. All students have been registered.

Once logged in students will have notification highlighted in red at the top right handside of the web page indicating the number of tasks set by teachers. (See diagram below)

If students would like to complete additional work they either need to click on "Choose lesson", alternatively they can search for a particular topic in the search bar, both shown above.

Students must complete working out on paper - This includes: notes from the videos, the questions from the quiz, methods and any corrections made.

For more information please read the following documents.

Any questions please speak to your child’s maths teacher who will be happy to help.

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