Stay Active At Home!

You should be aiming for an average of 60 minutes per day of moderate activity.

Moderate activity includes:

  • Walking
  • Riding a scooter
  • Skateboarding / rollerblading
  • Cycling

You should also take part in activities that strengthen muscles and bones, there is a wide selection below!

fitness workouts

Joe Wicks workouts

20 minute HIIT workout:

20 minute cardio and core:

20 minute cardio and abs:

20 minute flip a coin workout:

20 minute Tabata workout:

25 minute HIIT workout:

25 minute HIIT workout 2:

30 minute HIIT workout:

30 minute cardio and abs workout:

The ultimate 7 days of sweat challenge:

other fitness workouts

Tom Daley strength workout:

Core Strength Workout:

HIIT workout with Kadeena Cox:

MMA fitness workout:


Close control skills:

Close control challenge:

Chip challenge:

Dribbling skills:

Football turning skills:

Football Keepy-Up Challenge:

Watch the pros keepy-up challenge:

15 Freestyle Tricks:

Jesse Lingard workout:

Football fitness workout:


For a lot of these sessions and challenges you could use a different ball if you don't have a netball at home, e.g. a football, basketball, tennis ball.

Catching challenges 1:

Catching challenges 2:

Catching challenges 3:

Ball and wall skills 1:

Ball and wall skills 2:

HIIT routine 1:

HIIT routine 3:

Netball dance challenge:

Skills and fitness session:

Catching and passing skills:

Core strength workout:


Agility challenge:

Bear crawl challenge:

Toilet roll tower challenge:

Triple jump:

Throwing accuracy challenge:

Agility, balance and coordination challenge:

Speed bounce challenge:

Flexibility challenge:

Combination jumps challenge:

Explosive throw challenge:

Balance challenge:

Home Pentathlon:
Event 1:
Event 3:
Event 4:
Event 5:

other sports

Jade Jones taekwondo workout:

Gymnastics balance challenge:


Gymnastics jumps challenge:


Tennis challenges:

Boccia games:




Just Dance:

Dance with Oti from Stictly Come Dancing:

Cha Cha Slide dance:

Hip-hop dance workout:


20 minute yoga for beginners:

20 minute full body yoga:

Yoga to feel your best:

Full body yoga:

fitness and skill challenges

Flappy birds challenge:

Cha Cha Slide plank challenge:

Juggling challenge (you could use socks):

Black Panther workout:

Balloon challenge:


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