Curriculum Intent Statement

Social Sciences is unlike any other subject. It’s richly-filled with moral and social questions, in which our pupils begin to mould their own character, forming personal opinions based on the teachings. Within this branch, our pupils explore the real world and start developing their own ethics, justifying ideals and formulate critical thinking skills. The humanistic aspect of Social Sciences allows pupils to study behaviours, development and mental operations of people. This is vital when applying this to exams and coursework, however, this practical study can be applied throughout a pupils own life.

The study of Psychology allows our pupils to understand psychological theories to improve the world around them. In Health and Social Care and Child Development, pupils understand the development of children and adults, equipping them with a total understanding of life stages and the social expectations within them. This has been proven to raise aspiration for the pupils we teach. The skills you gain when taking our courses will prepare you for the world of work, as well as gaining a high-quality qualification.

You learn, you apply, you fly; in life.

June 2022


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