Year 10

Working from home: how to be successful. We never, in our lifetime, thought we would be swept away in a pandemic. However, we are and we need to make sure we are trying to keep our brains as active as possible. Make sure you are spending time away from your phone, you are speaking to people you live with and washing those hands! There are plenty of resources for you to get on with, have a go and email your teacher for feedback. We are stronger together.

The Social Sciences Team.

Brilliant Year 10's! We have a variety of tasks for you to be engaging your brain with.

Health and Social Care:

Year 10 Health and Social Care Lifestages booklet

John Bowlby- Just for you 10W!

Physical changes relating to H&Sc

Play games indoors! Roll the dice!

Snakes and Ladders- The Health and Social Care Edition!


L1 for new unit on 'psychological problems '

New Unit: PowerPoint

Follow instructions on PowerPoint and return via Microsoft Teams- Mr Tolan

Child Development:

Year 10: PowerPoint delivery

Child Development P4 Criteria

Child Development P4 Checklist

Child development P5 Criteria/Worksheet

Child Development P5 Checklist

Child development Merit/Distinction Criteria

Remember, this work will be available on Microsoft Teams too. Email your teachers and stay in touch!

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