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Maths homework is set using Hegarty maths.

Students will be set 1 'memri' task and 1 quiz per week. Students will be expected to watch a video and then answer questions to the accompanying quiz. If students get' stuck' they can watch more videos that will explain in detail about the questions they're stuck on. If students need further support they can email their classroom teacher for help on specific questions.

Teachers will be checking in with Hegarty Mathematics / emails daily to respond to any questions students have and to ensure students are completing the tasks set.

Please look at the Hegarty Maths tab to find out further details of how to access the site.

Year 11's will be expected to complete past exam papers in addition to Hegarty Maths tasks -to access these please use the GCSE Booklets & Exam Papers tab.

August 2022


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