History is a wonderful subject that fires pupils’ curiosity and imagination. It inspires them to find out about people in the past and understand how we have become the people we are today. It is not a subject in isolation, but part of the whole curriculum and learning experience for our young people and it brings with it its own uniqueness and also contributes to the wider curriculum.

Imagine if the Industrial revolution had never happened - would you have the mobile phones you possess today? What if we didn’t lose the Battle of Hastings? - we would be speaking a different language and the environment around us would be so different.

History allows pupils to develop their own identities and helps them to ask and answer questions about now by engaging with the past.

  • Students enjoy history. They find the process of thinking like an historian challenging and fascinating and they learn to ask probing questions that shed light on both our past and present lives.
  • As pupils study history they discover the fascinating stories and interpretations of our past and they build an understanding of who we are and how we became who we are.
  • Where did we come from, or why? We need that sense of a map of time, a placing in time, where we stand in the universe of time.

Topics have been chosen that relate to the history and the background of Bilborough and Nottingham. We begin with the development of Bilborough as a Medieval hamlet through to its role in the English Civil wars, Industrial Revolution through to the role of local individuals in the 20th century world wars.

We are a dedicated team of Historians who inspire and engage learners through innovative teaching and learning opportunities for our students. Through the study of History students improve their literacy, numeracy and communication skills. Furthermore they develop skills such as; describing, explaining and comparing, learn how to use sources to reach judgements and understand different interpretations. We use a range of teaching strategies and encourage students to work effectively in groups, set their own targets and evaluate their work, solve problems and work independently.

What will you be studying in each year group at NUSA?

Year 7:

  • History Skills
  • Norman Conquest
  • Castles and Control
  • Medieval Life
  • The Tudors
  • The British Empire
  • Slavery and its Abolition
  • The Industrial Revolution

Year 8:

  • Jack the Ripper
  • Tragic Titanic
  • WW1 Depth Study
  • Votes for Women
  • WW2 Depth Study
  • Awful Atrocities

Year 9:

  • Heroes and Villains of History
  • Religion through time
  • Crime and Punishment through time
  • Birth of Politics and Democracy
  • Nottingham through time
  • The English Civil War
  • The Holocaust
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Year 10: AQA (8145) GCSE Medicine through Time and the Norman Conquest
  • Year 11: AQA (8145) GCSE Germany and Democracy and Conflict and Tnesion 1919-1839

August 2022


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