The provision we can offer to deaf pupils.

Individualised programmes of study

• There is a flexible approach to communication depending on the student’s requirements; some students use sign language while others use speech.
• Development and promotion of language is at the core of all learning.
• We provide withdrawal lessons into the Focused Provision Unit according to the student’s need.
• Carefully prepared lessons in the Focused Provision Unit to reinforce the mainstream curriculum and address specific language and literacy needs.

Bespoke training courses

• SmiLE therapy (strategies and measurable interaction in Live English) : A recognised programme designed to enhance a deaf student’s confidence in communicating with the wider community. This is delivered by trained Communication Support Workers who can tailor the programme to the individual needs of the student. The programme includes developing confidence in asking for help, going to the shops and interview techniques.
• Alternative pathways including AIM qualifications in Building and Construction and Catering, Functional Skills English and ICT, Entry Level Science and Maths and Photography. This ensures that our students leave with meaningful qualifications ready for the next step of their educational career.
• Independent Travel Training to prepare the student to undertake independent travel on public transport. This is delivered in conjunction with the ITT team at Nottingham City Council and can be delivered in house should the need arise.
• Weekly lessons in British Sign Language taught by a bi-lingual teacher leading to a recognised qualification.

An excellent listening environment.

• Classrooms and corridors are carpeted.
• The Focused Provision Unit is in a quiet location within the mainstream school.
• FM transmitters (Radio Aids) are available to all students.
• All teaching staff are trained annually in deaf awareness.


• We have an experienced, committed and highly qualified staff comprising of teachers of the deaf and communication support workers who are permanently on site.
• Support is through sign language, note taking, visual aids, pre and post tutoring, differentiated tasks and materials.
• Support is available in after school activities.
• Quiet places are offered on arrival to the school and during lunch break.


• A school that which fully supports the inclusion of deaf young people into mainstream life.
• A school which understands the needs of deaf young people and is ready to take these into account and provide for them.
• A well-ordered school where students have a courteous and respectful attitude to others including their deaf peers

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