Welcome to the PE Department!

Here at NUSA, we are all about helping pupils to become ‘Smarter. Better. Faster. Stronger.’

Regardless of their ability or enthusiasm for PE, we are passionate about engaging pupils in a wide range of physical activities, so that they can experience the many physical, mental and social benefits that PE has to offer.

We encourage all our pupils to participate and perform to the best of their ability, developing their confidence and enjoyment in the subject. We also provide a wealth of competitive opportunities for pupils to put their skills to the test. Furthermore, PE is the perfect environment for pupils to acquire and practice many valuable life skills, such as teamwork, communication, sportsmanship and resilience.

Our overall aim is to engage and inspire pupils in physical activity, so that they continue to participate outside of school and into adulthood as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Inter-house competition

When you arrive at NUSA, you will be sorted into one of three houses: Bolt, Farah and Ennis-Hill. Throughout the academic year there will be many opportunities to represent your House in a range of competitions, including netball, football, dodgeball and more! Each competition is split into KS3 and KS4, with all the points combining to the overall score for each House. The competition climaxes at the main event of the year, Sports Day, which is worth double points and is where the trophy is awarded. Our reigning champions are Ennis-Hill- who is going to take home the trophy next year?


We are very proud of our extra-curricular provision here at NUSA.

For the last three years running, we have been the top participating school in the city, entering more competitions than any other school! This means our pupils have the best opportunity to develop their skills and tactics in competitive situations in a wide range of both team and individual sports, as well as further enhancing their capacity for teamwork and sportsmanship. On top of this, last year we won 10 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze medals, demonstrating the success and talent of many of our pupils.


At the end of each term, we like to reward those pupils who deserve extra recognition for their efforts in PE. We give out three awards to girls and boys at KS3. The awards presented are:

The Asher-Smith award for an outstanding performance in Physical Education.

The Johnson-Thompson award for demonstrating significant improvement in an area of Physical Education.

The Brownlee award for leading the way in Physical Education.

Could you be one of our next winners?

Courses we offer

At Key Stage 4, we offer two sporting courses to give pupils the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills further.

OCR 9-1 GCSE Physical Education- This course is made up of three elements: practical performance, two exams and a coursework assignment. The qualification gives pupils the chance to develop their knowledge in a range of interesting and current topics such as movement analysis and sport psychology, whilst honing their technical and tactical practical ability in a range of team and individual activities.

BTEC Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness- This course is made up of three components, two of which are coursework based and one which is assessed through an external exam. Pupils will study a variety of engaging subjects including sports injuries, technology in sport, nutrition and sports psychology, as well as developing their leadership skills when they plan and lead their own session.

Both courses lead effectively to Post-16 pathways in the subject, whether that be in A Level Physical Education or a Level 3 BTEC. From here, pupils can access future pathways at university and in many fields of employment, which include sports science, sports management, healthcare, psychology, nutrition, sociology, physiotherapy, teacher training and many more!

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