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24th February 2022

Kickboard Letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our behaviour platform has changed. We are now working with a platform called ‘Kickboard’ which will allow us to record behaviour incidences, both positive and negative, far more quickly.

How will it work?

Students will begin each new Kickboard week on a Monday morning. They will start with 20 positive points. Throughout the academy day, the students will be issued with positive points for behaviours they do well, for example, showing determination, being kind and giving outstanding verbal answers. However, students may have points deducted for any negative behaviours that they have shown, for example, talking over others, failing to hand in an independent study task (IST) and arriving late to school/ lesson.

How will my child know how many points they have got?

Each day, during student briefing, tutors will display the running total of points, for that week for all the students in the tutor group. On a Monday afternoon, tutors will hand out ‘pay cheques’. This will show every student whether they have a positive or negative end of week score. They will also be able to see all of the behaviours that have been logged against their name and which teacher has logged them.

What can my child do with the positive points that they earn?

At the end of each half term your child will have the opportunity to exchange their points for a variety of rewards at the schools ‘Swap Shop’. These rewards can range from gift vouchers to sports equipment.

What happens if my child is in negative points at the end of the week?

Any student who is below 0 at the end of the week will be placed in a ‘below zero’ detention for 30 minutes with their head of year on the following Wednesday. The reflection detention will allow the students the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and discuss how they plan to amend their behaviour in the following week to ensure that they do not end up in detention again. The detention will run from 3:00pm – 3:30pm.

How will I be notified of the detention?

If your child has been placed in to ‘below zero’ detention, you will receive a text message on Tuesday and Wednesday morning to inform you. You will also be able to login to Kickboard to check your child’s weekly total.

What happens if my child does not attend the detention?

Any student who does not attend the ‘below zero’ detention without a valid reason, will be placed into a Head of School detention on Thursday from 3:00pm- 4:00pm. Failure to attend the Head of School detention could lead to an exclusion.

My child has been issued a green flag. What does this mean?

A green flag is issued when a student has performed above and beyond in any area of the school. The teacher who has issued the green flag will make a positive contact home. This may be in the form of a phone call or positive postcard.

My child has been issued a red flag. What does this mean?

A red flag is issued when a student is endangering the health and safety of themselves or the class or where a student repeatedly refuses to follow instructions. If a student is issued a red flag, they will be picked up by a member of staff on climate and placed in isolation for the remainder of the lesson to reflection on their actions.

With all red flag detentions parents will be notified of the detention via a text message at 2.30pm. The teacher issuing the red flag will then phone home that evening to give further details on why the red flag was issued and the agreed next steps. The detention will take place until 3:45pm on the day of the incident. Any students that fail to attend a red flag detention will sit a 60-minute red flag detention on the following day. Failure to comply with this procedure with result in a fixed term exclusion or a temporary placement at another school within the Trust.

How can I log in to Kickboard?

The beauty of Kickboard is that you will be able to log in via a mobile phone app or web browser to monitor your child’s behaviour.
In order to login, you will need to do the following:

Please find attached a letter detailing how you can log in to your child’s Kickboard account. If you have any questions regarding the new behaviour platform or require any additional information, please contact your child’s Head of Year on the school phone number 0115 9291492.

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If you are able to create your account and redeem your password before 11/02/2022 you will be entered into a random draw and be in with a chance of winning a £10 Amazon voucher. One £10 voucher will be awarded per year group.


Yours sincerely,

Mr James

Head of Student Growth

July 2022


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