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9th March 2022

Letter to all parents/carers


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Dear Parent/Carer,

We have almost reached the half way point of this half term and what a great one it has been so far. We continue to be proud of our pupils and enjoy watching them grow and develop. Over the rest of this half term, we will continue to have a focus on raising our standards of behaviour in corridors and the community, therefore, from Monday we will be amending the points we award for positive and negative behaviours outside of the classroom. Students will receive more details on this in tutor time on Monday. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please download the Kickboard app to view how your child is getting on in school. If you have cannot find the code that was sent to you in the post, please contact your child’s Head of Year or tutor for a reminder.

A few important dates coming up:

Friday 11th March 2022 – We will be holding a non-school uniform day with suggested donations of £1 from all staff and students. This non-uniform day has been suggested to us by students so that we can raise money to support the current Humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Our aim is to raise money that can then be sent to a charity who are currently supporting refugees from the Ukraine.

Monday 14th March – Friday 25th March 2022 – Year 11 Mocks will take place during this period. Please continue to encourage your child to revise at home. Letters have been sent home with students regarding interventions so can you please ensure that you remind your child to attend as the session will be incredibly beneficial for them to secure the best grades possible. Our intervention schedule can also be found on our school website.

Friday 18th March 2022 – Comic relief day. We will be holding a non-school uniform day with suggested donations of 50p from all staff and students.

Thursday 31st March 2022 – We will be holding our end of term rewards assemblies for all students during Period 6.

Friday 1st April 2022 – We will break up for half term at 12:20pm for all students and staff.  Students who have free school meals will be able to have lunch before they leave school if they wish.

We will return to school as normal on Tuesday 19th April 2022. 

Now that a vast majority of our students are not wearing masks, we have seen an increase in the number of students wearing nose piercings. These are not permitted in school and students will be asked to replace the metal stud with a plastic one which we will provide to them free of charge. If you know that your child has an issue with their nose piercing which means they cannot remove it, please contact your child’s tutor or Head of Year to make them aware of the issues. Students should also only wear one pair of stud earrings. No students should be wearing hooped earrings and they will be asked to remove them if they are seen.

Free School Meal Vouchers over Easter

For all of those that have previously applied and received free school meal vouchers during February 2022 half term, you will receive another voucher for Huggg, to cover the Easter holiday period and will be sent to the same email address, you do not need to do anything else, relax. For those that are eligible, that did not apply or that have questions, please read the below. Q&A

I received vouchers in February half term – should I still complete the form to receive them at Easter?

No, please do not apply again where you received vouchers in February half term, you will automatically receive them for the Easter period. Reapplying will cause a delay in receiving your voucher(s) for Easter.

My child is eligible for Free School Meals, but I did not apply for them in February, how do I receive them for the Easter period?

Please click the link and complete the form:-

The link will open from 9am on Thursday 4th March.

If I need to complete the form, when must I do this by?

Monday 21st March

What is the value of the vouchers?

£15 per week per eligible child.

I did not apply in February; can I receive my February voucher now?

No, vouchers that were available for February half term have now expired. We only have vouchers now for Easter 2022.

When will I receive the vouchers?

Vouchers will be issued before 3pm on Friday 1st April 2022.


Take care,


Emma Howard

Head of School

July 2022


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